Entertainment Daily. Artist Spotlight: Reekado Banks

Reekado Banks is a Nigerian singer, a song writer and a recording and performing artiste.He hails from Ondo State. Born on the 6th of December ,1993 and was to signed to Mavin Records.

Who was Reekado Banks before the glitz and glamour?

His real name is Ayoleyi Hanniel Solomon. Before the name ‘Reekado Banks, his stage name was Spicy’. He graduated secondary school at the age of 14 and also of a graduate of the University of Lagos where he he got his B.sc degree in History and Strategic Study.

His Music Career;

Not everyone is aware of this, almost everyone in his family is into music as his older sister is Gospel singer and older brother is music producer but before Mavin Records spear headed by Don Jazzy, Reekado Banks who gave the meaning of his stage name to be (Reekado-Strong ruler, and Banks-Wealth) started his music career in 2008 though his works at that time were relatively unpopular, they were all produced by his older brother.

How He Got Signed To Mavin Records:

Speaking in an interview , he revealed how the opportunity that changed his life positively. He expressed his gratitude to his elder brother for taking a chance on him and given him the opportunity to shine by helping him send the songs into the quest when Mavin Records was out sourcing for new talents, although, he was completely oblivious about it,as they were submitted by his brother, he only came to know about it,when he was selected. He came into the spotlight in 2014 after he was signed by Don Jazzy to Mavin Records after his songs were selected from over five thousand songs from various artist in the then online search for the latest talent.

The journey to the top has not been an easy one but he has put in so much work and we can gladly say he earned his way up there. But, the 21st of February, 2014 was the day that changed the narrative for him by bringing him to stardom, as that was the day he got signed to Mavin Records. What a day to remember!.

He has done lots of songs, some of which includes ‘turn it up’ and that was his first song in 2014 by Mavin Records, ‘Katapot, Corner, Sugar baby, Tomorrow, Oluwa ni, Standard’ etc and various collaborations too. He also won ‘Next Rated Act’ at the Headies in 2015.

He announced is departure from the Mavin crew in 2018 after 5- years with the term and left after his contract expired and established his own label, ‘Banks Music’. He still remains one of the relevant singer in Nigeria..

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