Is Cassie’s Baby Daddy Feeling Intimidated By Daddy?

Diddy seem to be in the news a lot lately but recently,it happens to be for the wrong reasons. This time, it happens to be about a comment of his ex-girlfriend Cassie’s post.

Diddy and Cassie dated on and off for roughly 10 whole years and there were speculations at the time that one of Diddy’s ex alleged that she was seeing him on the side same time he was with Cassie.

After Cassie announced her pregnancy with her partner Alex Fine, Diddy immediately gave forth his ‘Congratulations’ but Alex is not feeling it.

Although, he did not express his displeasure with words, he simply liked a comment a fan made on instagram who accused Diddy on making Cassie’s moment about him.

The comment read: “Diddy really did try to steal your moment with you photo. He has no place in your future you’ve both built. You’re obviously a man with a heart,integrity and the right values. Blessings to you all”.

This is a clear case of let Ex’s remain Ex’s only or what do you think?

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